Monday, January 12, 2009

Entry: Jay Mohr

This is dumb, but so few things make me genuinely giggle with immature glee, I beg your patience.

When actor/comedian/that guy Jay Mohr married his wife, actress Nikki Cox, he legally changed his name to include hers. Which I can admire, it's very sweet and chock full o' gender equality, but now his legal name is Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr. Get it? Cox Mohr. It sounds like "cocks more." Hurrrr hurr hurr.

Also: "Ferguson." Lulz.


Pooka said...

At least it's better than "Mohr Cox". MOHR COX!

Oh man, author "Michael Moorcock". Sad day.

Regina said...

When I was relating the story to Scott, I was all "and he changed his name to MOHR COX! LOL!" and then I realized I was wrong. :( But it's still funny.