Thursday, April 2, 2009

Entry: Vasectomy

On a recent road trip, we saw a billboard for a vasectomy clinic that was notable for two reasons:

1. The doctor looked a lot like Fred Willard,
2. The vasectomies were advertised as being done without scalpels or needles.

The last one left me nonplussed. How could a vasectomy possibly be performed without making an incision-- or at least a local anasthetic? I speculated that they might use a burdizzo, but considering the look of abject horror that earned me from my boyfriend, it didn't seem likely.

According to the article, a scalpel-less procedure known as a keyhole vasectomy is done with a sharp hemostat (those clamps that look like a long skinny pair of scissors). While that wouldn't technically be false advertising, it is pretty misleading. "We're not going to stick your scrotum with a needle or a knife... we're going to use doom-scissors!" There didn't seem to be a less-grisly option, so for the squeamish fellas in the audience: stick with condoms.


Dossy Shiobara said...



Screw waterboarding ... burdizzo = epic torture.

Regina said...

It's the downside of being a Kobe bull... well, that and being killed and eaten.

noiselessinfinity said...

I just want you to know that I cringed as I read this.

J. said...

Was the guy on the billboard this guy? Because I have thought the same thing about him looking like Fred Willard.

Regina said...

J: That's the guy!