Friday, May 8, 2009

Entry: Natalie Tran

Sometimes when I really like someone or something or somewhere (somehow), I check the Wik' to make sure the object of my affections has an article, because I am a deeply insecure person who needs to know that other people likes what she likes. I like. Yes. Anyway.

I was very pleased to see that vlogger Natalie Tran (communitychannel) has a healthy article. Kind of silly of me, considering that she has thousands of subscribers, but like I said, deeply insecure. She's been vlogging for a few years, but I only started watching her videos about a month ago, and I have the biggest hetero-crush on her. (I know it's a bro-mance when it's two guys, but what is it with a girl and a girl? Ho-mance? Axe commercial? Doesn't require a name because women are expected to be more open to feelings of affection?) She's smart and funny and prolific and cute as a button, and Australian accents are like a +5 in my book. If Hitler had an Australian accent, I'd probably be all, "Well, he was evil incarnate, but he pronounces his r's so cute! Maybe I'll just sweep the Lambeth Walk thing under the rug and blog about puppies." Okay, probably not.

Anyway, Natalie Tran is awesome (and curses a little bit. Beware, office slackers):

(Disregard that last bit, though. My mother is a saint. And doesn't go on YouTube, like, ever.)

I was shocked, though, to see that the two photos in the article are going to be deleted:


(Additionally: you like my MSPaint job? That's how I roll: using a track pad and sprawling on the couch.)

I can only take solace in the fact that after May 14, 2009, my hastily constructed jpeg will stand as a monument to the article as it once was. Goodnight, sweet prince.


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO! WHY, WIKI? WHY???????I'm not sure whether you're really serious or not.

On the chance that you are: clicking on the images will tell you why they're going to be deleted -- the pictures are not covered by a free licence.

If you can obtain a freely-licensed replacement (for example, perhaps you would like to contact Natalie and ask for a cc-by-sa licensed picture of herself, or ask whether it's OK to reproduce the existing screen captures as cc-by-sa), you're welcome to do so.

The issue is not "pictures of Natalie Tran", it's "unsuitably-licensed or unlicensed pictures of Natalie Tran".

Anonymous said...

talk about coincidence,
after many months of seeing it around, i decided to finally wiki community channel today...about three hours before reading this

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"(Additionally: you like my MSPaint job? That's how I roll: using a track pad and sprawling on the couch.)"

Yeah, you´re an mspaint skilla. And check this one: You can even type letters in mspaint. Yes, you heard me right, just click that button with A. How awesome is that? :)
(Your mom knows it too :)

Lilyflower said...

I recently found out about Nat and became addicted to her videos! No, seriously, I think I watched them all in about 5 days or something.
Which probably makes me kind of a freak. yeah. oh well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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