Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Entry: No Name Key

There is a small island that is part of the Florida Keys known as No Name Key, and its existence is driving me up a wall. The island is named for the fact that it doesn't have a name! What kind of postmodern geography bullshit is that? The kind that angries up the blood, I'll tell you that much.

To No Name Key's credit, however, it does provide a home to an adorable subspecies of white-tailed deer, known as Key Deer. Not No Name Deer, and thank the gods for that, because I would have thrown my laptop across the room in a fit of semiotic rage.


Galadriel said...

If you think Key Deer are adorable, you have to check out Dik-diks.

TastyPrawn said...

This reminds me of a road I've driven past in Lago Vista, TX. It's called "Nameless Road." Crazy.