Monday, October 13, 2008

Entry: Bill Hicks

I usually update this blog with tidbits and trivia and such that I come across accidentally while looking up something else or just browsing Wikipedia. I learned the following from my boyfriend who read it to me from Wikipedia, but in the interests of not creating a second blog entitled "Things I've Learned from Wikipedia Via my Boyfriend," I'm willing to broaden the concept a bit.

Denis Leary has been criticized for stealing a lot of Bill Hicks' material for his own comedy act, both jokes and persona. This saddens me, because I really like Denis Leary's standup. I guess that means I like Bill Hicks' standup too.

For an unapologetic pop culture junkie like me, this is big. Like, Israeli-Palestinian conflict big. In fact, I'm just going to link to the relevant articles:

The story, from the authors of the Bill Hicks article
And the story, from the authors of the Denis Leary article

What really happened? I leave that up to you, readers.

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