Monday, December 8, 2008

Entry: Shea Butter

I'm so completely insulated by my middle-class American existence, I feel a little embarrassed that I didn't know this. (I also might have a job involving the sale of products using said ingredient.)

That being said: shea butter, which is known popularly in my neck of the woods as a moisturizing agent in skin cream, is used as a cooking oil in West Africa. Neat!

Also: man, we will put just about anything on our skin, won't we? I wonder if anyone would buy lard if the Body Shop sold it for $20 per tin.


Pooka said...

Yeah, everyone and their mom is friggin' obsessed with this stuff. I defy you to find one thing at L'Occitane that isn't made with it.

In 20 years, probably it'll give everyone cancer.

Regina said...

It does make your skin delightfully soft, though.

Pooka said...

But so did the Crisco I had all over me last night!

I think I will continue to leave that without context!