Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry: ...None?!

Tonight I learned a lesson of such value and importance, it surpassed everything I've read on the Wik' in the past few days. And I learned it from the back of the box that my dinner came in*.

To extrapolate: cardboard is flammable. A maxim I will hold dear to my heart for all time.

One has to wonder if this warning was the result of a lawsuit.

* To save face: I like cooking, I'm pretty decent at it, I just didn't have the energy for it tonight.


Dossy Shiobara said...

"[...] This may cause a fire."

May? Exactly what kind of oven will this NOT cause a fire in?

Unknown said... that's turned off?

Unknown said...

other ridiculous warning labels I've found:

- the one on the hairdryer that says not to use it in the shower or while sleeping

- the jar of peanut butter that warned it contained peanuts

- the one on the stroller that warns to remove the child before folding

- on a fire log: warning, risk of fire

- the one on the knife that says to 'keep out of children'

- the one on the blender that says 'not for the other use'-- what other use??

::facepalm:: there are *hundreds* if you look up ridiculous warning signs.