Monday, December 15, 2008

Entry: the Gaslight Anthem

I like to peruse music critics' end-of-year lists for new bands to check out. Doing so this year netted me The Gaslight Anthem's fantastic The '59 Sound. Looking to Wikipedia to tell me more about the band, I found out that they started out in New Brunswick, NJ-- the city in which I attended college. (R-U rah rah, etc.) And they formed when I was in college. Meaning that I missed out on seeing them at a house party or dive bar, giving me the ability to, when someone mentioned them in casual conversation, sigh ponderously and say, "Yeah, I was into them when they were... y'know... less commercial." Another opportunity to gain indie cred slips through my fingers like so much mercury.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting this on livejournal feed, and really enjoying. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor.

Especially this band, who I've never heard of but am loving. Told all my family and friends. Great live version of Great Expectations here:

Regina said...

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad that I was able to turn you on to a new band. :)

Annie C. said...

Aw man! I discovered your blog all of a sudden on this lazy Sunday (you're probably finding my comments everywhere) and now I know why I love your expressive writing; I'm a Rutgers alum as well!